All Season Tyres

All-Season Tyres

Most of the UK enjoys moderate climatic conditions. Especially in and around Easington, where the winters are not freezing cold, and the summers are not scorchingly hot. Such circumstances call for car tyres that perform equally well in mildsummer, and light winter conditions. That’s why we, Easington Service Station, recommend using all-season tyres for your vehicle.

Benefits of choosing all-season car tyres –

  • Better winter and summer performance

All-weather tyres come with a unique compound and tread patterns which offer exceptional performance. Unlike summer tyres, they do not become stiff in winter, and unlike winter tyres, they do not wear out while driving on hot tarmac. The tread grooves are not as shallow as summer tyres, nor as deep as winter tyres, providing a perfect balance for every weather condition.

Additionally, some of these tyres come with impressive hydroplaning resistance properties, which allow these tyres to eliminate water pooling. Thus, the chance of skidding on roads reduces considerably.

In a nutshell, all-season tyres perform better than season-specific tyres all year round.

  • Cost-effective

Another prime reason to pick all-season tyres is they are cost effective. With the moderate UK climate, you can use these tyres throughout the year and prevent spending extra on summer and winter tyres.

Also, brands like Continental, Dunlop, Michelin or Bridgestone flaunt some of the best ranges of all-season tyres in the market now. So, you have the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of available option at pocket-friendly prices.

All-season tyres at Easington Service Station

At our garage, we provide car lovers with a plethora of all-season tyres from the best of brands. In fact, here’s a preview of few all season tyres customers can buy from our store –

  1. Dunlop all-season –
  • SP SPORT 5000
  1. Continental all-season –
  • SportContact™ 6
  • PremiumContact™ 6
  • ContiSportContact™ 5 P
  1. Michelin all-season –
  • Michelin CrossClimate+

And that was just a preview; to check out more options, visit our service centre and let us assist you in picking the best suited all-season tyres for your car. That’s not all! We also provide a plethora of car services like repairing punctures, wheel alignment, engine tuning, along with buying scrap and MOT failed vehicles and offering vehicle disposal.

So, hurry; visit us today! We are open every Monday through Friday from 8.30AM till5pm, and on Saturdays, you can visit between 8.30 AM and 12 pm. If that proves to be an inconvenience, you can buy tyres online from our website as well. We offer doorstep delivery to Easington, Saltburn-by-the-Sea and Cleveland.