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Having trouble shifting gears? Do you feel that the clutch is not properly engaging and you have to put a lot more pressure just to make it work? Can you hear a grinding noise whenever you let go of the clutch after shifting gears?

Well, all these are symptoms of a faulty clutch.

The clutch is one of the crucial components of any car, thus, adequately maintaining it is of vital importance. Periodic checks and maintenance prolongs its life and saves you from spending a lot on its replacement.

Thus, we at Easington Service Station are giving you specific tips to take care of your clutch correctly. However, in particular scenarios, you might need a clutch repair in Easington, in which case you may come to us, and we will fix or replace it in a jiffy.

Now, let’s look at some tips to maintain and check the condition of a clutch!

  • Try not to ‘ride the clutch’:

Most drivers have this terrible habit of keeping their foot on the clutch even when it is not necessary. An essential thing to keep in mind to increase a clutch’s life is not using it unless needed. Unnecessary usage causes extra wear and tear. The clutch pedal should be either fully pressed or not touched at all.

  • Try not to use the clutch while rolling downwards on a steep road:

Using your clutch while going downwards from a hill to get your vehicle into gear causes excessive wear in its parts. Use the handbrake while a car is not in a starting position before pressing the clutch to shift into gear. Otherwise, it will put a lot of strain on the clutch and may cause it to malfunction.

You can use these tips to take care of the clutch while on the road. However, if you feel like there is a problem with the unit, you can always come down to our garage and get a clutch repairinEasington, Saltburn-by-the-Sea or Cleveland.

If there is confusion as to whether the clutch is working correctly or not, here are some symptoms of a malfunctioning clutch.

  • The performance of the car goes down; it will gain speed slowly even if you are pressing the accelerator to the floor.
  • If there is noise coming while pressing the clutch when the car is in neutral, it is a sign of faulty clutch.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should come down to our garage as soon as possible. Our technicians at Easington Service Station will make sure all your car’s components are working as they should. Along with working as a clutch replacement garage in Easington, we also cater to a host of other car-related services and deal in scrap, MOT failed and ready-to-dispose vehicles.

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