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Have you ever noticed a pungent or burning smell inside your car's cabin? Is your car making excessive noise, but delivering a lot less power than usual? Well, all these might be the result of a faulty exhaust system.

The exhaust does the thankless job of extracting noxious fumes out of the engine, turning it into Carbon Dioxide and water vapour, and venting it through the tailpipe. It also muffles the noise of a car engine. However, in that process, it undergoes extreme stress and temperature which sometimes causes it to malfunction.

But now that we are here, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. We are Easington Service Station, a leadingexhaust repair garage in Easington and its neighbouring areas. Our customers even hail from nearby towns like Saltburn-By-The-Sea and Cleveland, and that’s all due to our professionalism and affordable service offerings.

Our exhaust repair service is one of our most sought-after packages. That’s because a car owner experiences multiple issues when their car's exhaust starts to malfunction.

Mentioned below are some indications of a malfunctioning exhaust.So, if you see notice any of these problems, bring your car to our garage for an exhaust service in Easington.

  1. Poor mileage –If your car’s fuel efficiency has reduced overnight, it may be because of a malfunctioning exhaust. If there is clog in the exhaust manifold, or in any connecting pipes, the fumes will not be able to channel out of the engine. That will decrease its performance as it will not have enough air to function.
  2. Excessive engine noise – If there is a leak in the unit, you will hear a lot more sound than usual. That is because the muffler is not dampening the engine noisewhich is coming out of that leak.

Often the noise reaches dangerous levels. It is also illegal to drive on the streets with a malfunctioning exhaust. So, if you suspect that there is too much noise coming out of the exhaust, bring your car to Easington Service Station for an inspection.

  1. Odour is filling up the cabin of the car–As mentioned above,burning smell is a primary indicator of a malfunctioning A leak in its pipes will vent gasses all around the engine housing, and sometimes, inside the car cabin.

You should get it fixed as soon as possible. Noxious fumes venting out in the open can cause air pollution. If it vents inside the cabin, you might feel lightheaded, excessive headache, farsightedness, etc. Prolonged exposure can even prove fatal.

  1. Rattling noise coming out from the housingExhaust system is an extended network of pipes. If any connector or screw joint comes loose, a portion of the system can drop from the car body and rattle against another part of the car or even the road. If you do not repair it, the entire piece might comeloose and fall off.

Why is an exhaust service in Easington important?

A malfunctioning exhaust not only harms the environment, but it can lead to a lot of fines from the road authorities. Also, without a properly functioning exhaust system, your car will never clear an MOT test.

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