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As one of the foremost automobile workshops in Guisborough and its neighbouring areas, Easington Service Station understands the needs of modern car owners. More than anything, they need a reliable auto garage from where they can buy spare parts and avail essential services like the MOT.

We stand tall as a comprehensive car service centre specialising in both spare tyres and the MOT.

Car tyres in Guisborough

Retailing tyres is our primary area of expertise. We are the most prominent retailers of quality spare tyres in Guisborough. The tyres that you will find at our workshop are all quality-tested by our expert technicians. We ensure that any tyre that you buy from us is of the highest standards both in terms of performance and longevity.

The tyre industry is currently dominated by a handful of manufacturers, leaders in the market for decades. At Easington Service Station, we stock tyres from a majority of these tyre makers so that you are not spent on choices.

Apart from the usual summer, winter, all-season and 4x4 tyres, you will also find a range of eco-friendly car tyres in Guisborough at our workshop. Also called Green tyres, these models have low rolling resistance which ensures that the fuel consumption of your car is reduced by a substantial margin.

Bestsellers at our garage

  • ContiEcoContact EP
  • Dunlop Signature II
  • Bridgestone EP500
  • Nexen N Fera RU1
  • Pirelli P Zero

Apart from these widely popular tyres, we have a stock of various other models which are sure to satisfy your driving requirements. We have priced all these tyres extremely competitively to make sure that it doesn’t become a massive burden on your finances.

Apart from buying new tyres, you may also visit us for essential tyre-related services such as wheel alignment, tyre balancing and puncture repairs. We use the latest equipment available in the market to carry out these tasks with absolute precision.

MOT in Guisborough

Taking the MOT test every year is one of the primary responsibilities of every car owner. Motorists of Guisborough have long rued the absence of a trustworthy MOT test centre in their locality.

Now, with Easington Service Station setting up shop, that is a thing of the past. We are a prominent MOT test centre with the necessary equipment and technical know-how to carry out this test in record turnaround time.

Our MOT test in Guisborough is compliant to the standards set by the DVSA. On the same note, we also perform pre and post-MOT repairs, thereby ensuring that your car is entirely road safe once you leave our garage.

Don’t delay; call us today

Driving on below-par tyres or with a lapsed MOT certificate are serious issues. Not only is your safety in question, but you may also face fines and penalties.

Why take the risk? Call us today and book an appointment at a time of your convenience.