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Every sensible car owner knows the importance of regular servicing sessions. In case you live and drive in or around Easington, Glebe Gardens, Saltburn-by-the-sea, or Cleveland, you will get the best car services at the most reasonable prices at our facility. We are Easington Service Station, a trusted car service garage in Saltburn-by-the-sea.

Without adequate maintenance, no car in the world can ever run at its peak efficiency. It does not matter whether you own an Audi or a Honda or a Toyota: service is mandatory. But, perhaps even more important is when you should take your car to a service station and which areas need the most specialised servicing.

Our technicians follow their insider insights and thumb rules when you bring your car to our service bay. They will check the following details:

  • Your car’s make and model, and year of manufacture.
  • Total distance your car has travelled. We also take an average estimate of your annual travel and adjust the service package likewise.
  • The type of terrain you usually drive on. Hardy vehicles like SUVs and off-roaders may seemingly take on poor roads effortlessly, but their maintenance and service bills are much higher than, say, your Honda Civic.

Our services

Like most established service garages of the UK, we have two kinds of services. These are interim and full services. An interim service is usually the weapon of choice for most customers, while a full service covers more ground and takes more time.

  1. Interim services

You will get the following car repair services in our interim package. These are designed to save time and increase performance.

  • Battery check-up.
  • Checks of engine oils and filters.
  • Fuel cap inspection.
  • Lights inspection.
  • An inspection of the Anti-Locking Braking System, or ABS.
  1. Full services

A full-service session takes more time, costs significantly more, and covers more areas. However, every car should have a full service once a year.

A full service will cover all the aspects of the interim service and will add the following additional provisions:

  • We will flush and then refuel the engine oil.
  • Our techs will carry out spark plug repairs, if necessary.
  • All the filters of your car will undergo necessary
  • Lastly, we will also repair body or chassis damage, if any.

Special services

We lay particular emphasis on these following areas.

  • Brake servicing: Servicing the brakes is an integral part of any professional car repair service, not to mention your own Remember that most parts of the brakes are not repairable; they need replacements. There too, Easington Service Station has got your back. We store the best available brake spares.

Brake services also involve refilling the brake fluids, which we provide.

  • Oil services: Engine oils that have not been replaced on time will add to your car’s misery. Customers do not always appreciate these oil changes. But they add significant value to your vehicle and increase its performance.

The importance of regular servicing

It is one area where many people have unanswered queries and vague views. After all, if you have a car which is running flawlessly and has no apparent problems, why should you service it?

The following are the three main reasons:

  • Superior performance: Your four-wheeler will not deliver the speeds you need if you do not maintain a proper service routine. British cars feed on care. We provide the exact amount of attention that your vehicle
  • Less frequent breakdowns: With an appropriate service schedule, your car will be free from malfunction.
  • Better resale value: In case you are on the lookout to buy a Mercedes after selling your Honda, remember that serviced vehicles have higher resale prices.

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