Suspension and Shock Absorbers

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The suspension is a critical component of your vehicle; it provides that much-needed comfort and stability while you drive. However, if it malfunctions, it will result in the roughest, most uncomfortable ride ever. Also, it can be dangerous; your car can stoop to one side while turning, causing a shift in its centre of gravity and toppling it.

Unfortunately, most car owners often take this crucial component of their cars for granted and dare we say, pay the price heavily. If you don’t want to join their ranks, do read on to know the signs that will be evident if your suspension is crying for help. In case that you encounter one or more of these problems in your car, bring it to Easington Service Station for the most comprehensive and affordable suspension repair in Easington, Saltburn-by-the-Sea and Cleveland.

Symptoms of a failing suspension

  1. Every bump feels like an adventure ride

The shock absorbers, a crucial part of the suspension system, are responsible for dampening the impact of the rough roads. However, they wear out with time, and that’s a big concern. A bumpy ride is the clearest indication of worn out shocks, and you should immediately bring your car to our suspension service garage in Easington.

  1. Improper wheel alignment

Your car’s suspension system controls the wheel alignment of your vehicle. The constant pressure and bumps can make the wheels fall out of alignment. If the suspension is not functioning correctly, the process is accelerated. Check your car wheel’s camber, caster and toe and make sure that they are in proper alignment.

  1. Uneven tread wear

This follows the last point. Misaligned wheels will lead to uneven tread wear. So, if you notice that your car tyres are wearing in patches, get your suspension system looked at by our technicians.

  1. Pulling to a particular side

Another symptom of worn out shocks, vehicle pulling to one side is a clear indication of a failing suspension system. It happens because the shocks are no longer able to keep the vehicle stable while taking a turn, thereby increasing the chances of a rollover.

All these are natural signs of figuring out that your suspension system is not functioning as well as it should. It's imperative that you bring your vehicle to our suspension service garage in Easingtonas soon as you encounter any of these.

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