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Shojiro Ishibashi, a farsighted man with a fun-loving nature, had a vision of developing a tyre brand that would be able to cater tothe cars of the future. He founded Bridgestone in 1931 with that exact idea in mind.

One of the leadingtyre moguls with more than 7 billion USD in gross revenue, Bridgestone car tyrestradesvia more than 10,000 retailers across the globe.In the UK, there are plenty of car garages selling Bridgestone tyres, and we, Easington Service Station, is one of the largest in Easington, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, and Cleveland.

So, let’s take a look at why Bridgestone is considered one of the best tyre manufacturing companies in the world.

What’s so unique about Bridgestone car tyres?

Well first and foremost, Bridgestone is a maestro when it comes to manufacturing car tyres; sporting an ideology of providing users with optimal safety, they are the torch-bearer of innovation in the automobile and related parts industry.

Bridgestone’s legacy of innovation:

Ologic technology –

Bridgestone’s Ologic technology focuses on providing low rolling resistance andbetter fuel efficiency. Using narrow tread and a larger diameter, it creates tyres which lastlonger and provide exceptional braking performance.

CAIS technology –

One of the unique innovations of Bridgestone, their Contact Area Information Sensing or CAIS technology predicts road conditions like dry, wet, muddy, etc. to help your car adjust to the tarmac.

The CAIS is one of the prime reasons why numerous citizens in Easington prefer to buy Bridgestone from our garage. It comes preinstalled inside the tyre carcass, so even if you’re buying a set of Bridgestone tyres online, you can enjoy the benefit of this new technology.

RunOnFlat technology –

The pioneers ofrun flat technology, Bridgestone first tested this equipment on a Porsche model 959. This Porsche drove with a flat tyre for 50 miles at a speed of 50mph without any issue. Later when introduced in the market, Bridgestone’s run-flat tyres sold like hot cakes. If you are using their RunOnFlat tyre, you won't have to worry about a sudden blowout or a puncture in the middle of the road.

That’s not all;Bridgestone is also a well-established name when it comes to motorsports –

  • They have gained a name for themselves by sponsoring the Japanese Grand Prix in 1976 -1977.
  • Additionally, Bridgestone car tyres also sponsored theworld-famousLe Mans race with TOMS andNISMO.
  • Bridgestone is one of the tyre suppliersin the Japanese Super GT championship.

Well, with their path-breakinginnovations and acclamation by motorsports, isn’t it evident that Bridgestone is the brand to pick for your car tyres in Easington?

Why choose Bridgestone car tyres fromEasington Service Station?

Easington Service Stationstocks some of the best range of Bridgestone car tyres. From their ECOPIA to DUELLER andDriveGuard, we sport the best varieties at the most pocket-friendly rates.

So, visit us at our workshop in Easington,and let our mechanics assist youin selecting the best suited Bridgestone tyrefor your car.