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Relatively young but climbing the steps to success at a rapid pace, Nexen car tyres are the new choice of tyres for car owners across Britain.

Back in 1942, Nexen emerged on the world stage and immediately caught the attention of car enthusiasts. Presently with a gross income of 120 million US dollars and a well-equipped team of 3,998 global employees, Nexen delivers some of the safest yet fastest tyres on the UK road.

Hence, if you’re looking for family tyres for your new car, then we at Easington Service Station suggest Nexen for you.

Why do we recommend Nexen Car tyres?

Nexen tyres have the upper hand when it comes to advanced technology. The company is dynamic in its approach and has researched thoroughly to find out how numerous tyre brands are tackling road problems.

After finding the principal trouble areas, Nexen invests a significant amount in its four core R&D development centres and keeps providing citizens of Easington and other regions of the globe with exceptional products.

That’s not all; check out other reasons to purchase Nexen car tyres this year –

  1. 1. Nexen car tyres take careful consideration to fulfil all global standards for providing high quality and durable tyres. All their new tyres produced are first subjected to various tests like a rollover test, hydroplaning test, sudden air loss, wet grip handling, noise test etc. Only after the tyres pass through the assessments successfully are they sent over to numerous retailers like us.
  2. All Nexen tyres are designed to provide fuel-efficient performance and have exceptional water dispersing abilities. Additionally, Nexen delivers the most noiseless tyres for facilitating a smooth ride.
  3. Nexen has been ranked number 1 in the Global Customer Satisfaction Index nine times in a row.

It must be clear by now that buying Nexen tyres will give you an enjoyable ride. Hence, if you’re looking to buy Nexen tyres online or from our workshop in Easington, then here’s a glimpse of what we got to offer –

Nexen tyres at Easington Service Station

  • CP321
  • CP521
  • CP611
  • Roadian 541
  • Roadain 542
  • N6000
  • N8000

Well, that’s just a preview; we at Easington Service Station stock a wide range of Nexen. So, to get the best buy, visit us at Easington, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Cleveland, and we’ll offer our expert assistance to you in picking your favourite set of Nexen.

We are open from 8.30 till 5 pm, Monday – Friday and 8.30 - 12 pm on Saturdays. Do drop by and check our collection.